Enterprise Application Integration
What is Enterprise Application Integration?

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) addresses the assembly, deployment, and maintenance of complex systems comprised of multiple applications. This includes legacy, packaged, and custom applications running on a variety of platforms including the mainframe, UNIX, Windows, and Internet. EAI defines how these applications communicate, how they share data, and how they collaborate to implement the best solution for your organization.

What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation (BPA) takes Enterprise Application Integration to the next level. Is your business logic scattered throughout your enterprise? Do changes in your business require re-integrating your applications? Business Process Automation decouples the business logic from the applications, formalizes the rules and activities that define your organization, and drives your processes.

Why are Traditional Approaches Inadequate?

Are you starting to wonder what those 10 people down the hall are really doing to help your organization succeed? Have your development teams integrated two applications, only to throw away the work in order to integrate the next application? Have you hired large firms to help provide business solutions, only to wonder six months later what progress has really been made?

Many system integrators and consulting organizations focus on application development and attempt to apply their traditional application development frameworks, tools and technologies to the complexities of Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Automation. The right solution requires:
  • An architectural approach that focuses on both EAI and BPA and
  • provides a flexible, scalable and manageable business solution
  • A methodology that addresses the differences between
  • cross-organization development and single team development
  • A set of tools and technologies that address enterprise application
  • integration and business process automation

Why Kuvera?

Kuvera Enterprise Solutions specializes in helping organizations like yours integrate your enterprise applications and automate your business processes. We have the business and technical background and extensive hands-on experience required to meet the challenges companies like yours face. Our commitment is to provide the right solution for you.

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